EBEN/DNWE Annual Conference 2005

Balancing Business and Public Interests – Balancing will be the key word of the EBEN 2005 Annual Conference in Bonn, September 22nd-24th.

Are corporations simply good or bad guys? Is the market simply good or bad? Is the state efficient or generally inefficient? On which criteria can judgements be orientated?To which extent can corporations underline their social, ecological or political responsibility? Where are limits of CSR in global competition? Where does state authority have to take measures of shaping markets and how? To which extent arise new forms of leadership to enhance public interests? New Balances have to be developed on how to define the role of business in society, the role of markets in globalisation, the need for both economic and ethical competences.

In Germany, just recently, a new debate on the ethics of capitalism has risen. In Europe, a controversy about the constitutional frame of the economy restarted. We invite to Bonn to listen to experts of theory, business and politics, to introduce ideas, to discuss with those of similar and those of different opinions. These encounters happen in plenum sessions, in parallel sessions of 90 minutes for two contributions and of course in many informal occasions. A group of artists was asked to add to an inspiring conference culture with sculptures, literature, music and small performances.

In the last months the organizers had several national and international meetings, we have sent around large numbers of e-mails and letters and had hours and hours of telephone communication to offer this program and an inspiring event.

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