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China holds the key to Earth’s future

chinadialogue features expert analysis of key climate negotiations

LONDON – As a critical UN climate conference gets underway, what China does will be a key determinant of a successful outcome. You can follow what China wants, understand China’s priorities and engage with experts on China’s climate policies on chinadialogue, the site for bilingual, expert debate and analysis of key climate-change issues.

Delegates from every country will meet from December 1 to 12, in Poznan, Poland, to continue negotiations on the successor treaty to the Kyoto Protocol when it expires in 2012. A central question will be the role of the rapidly developing countries — including China — in efforts to limit and eventually reduce emissions. Throughout the meeting, chinadialogue will feature opinion, news and analysis on crucial climate topics. Read what Chinese experts say, and follow the debate.

China supports a proposal for rich nations to contribute 1% of their GDP to aid the transfer of clean energy technologies to developing countries. Is this possible, or is it a delaying tactic? Can a strong agreement be made with the global economy in meltdown? Find expert analyses of these questions and more on chinadialogue.