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A World Wide Survey of Business Ethics

A global survey of Business and Economic Ethics as field of Teaching, Training and Research has been commissioned by . The project is directed by Prof. G.J. (Deon) Rossouw (

For the purpose of the survey the world has been divided into eight regions: (1) Latin America, (2) North America, (3) Sub-Saharan Africa, (4) Europe, (5) Middle East & North Africa, (6) Central Asia, (7) South & East Asia and (8) Oceania. There is a regional coordinator and a research team for each of these regions. More than 50 researchers have thus far joined these regional research teams.

The project started in January 2009 and will run over an 18 month period. It will produce a number of outcomes, the most important of which are:

    1. A Global Report on Business Ethics as Field of Teaching, Training and Research
    2. A Global Bibliography of Business Ethics publications
    3. A Global Directory of Individuals and Institutions with expertise in Business Ethics.

At this stage of the project, individuals and institutions with expertise in the Field of Business Ethics are being identified. For the purpose of the survey, ‘expertise in the field of Business Ethics’ is defined as: “as being involved in offering training or education, or being involved in research in the field of Business or Economic Ethics”. Individuals and institutions with expertise in Business Ethics will be requested to complete either an individual or institutional survey questionnaire. The respective questionnaires can be completed at

Alternatively, an electronic or hard copy of the questionnaire can be obtained from the project coordinator: