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Call for Attendance: “Greening” Management Education: Educating for Global Responsibilities, Sustainability, and Ethics

Academy of Management Meeting in Chicago, IL
All-Academy Professional Development Workshop (PDW)

This PDW helps participants from a variety of management disciplines to share and develop knowledge about how to teach “green” issues in management education. The workshop supports the agenda and interdisciplinary nature of the recently launched Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) and offers a forum to discuss how environmental issues relate to the principles. Five panelists representing a variety of stakeholders will open the session by briefly discussing why, from their varied perspectives, the issue of “greening” management education is both necessary and timely.

Workshop participants will themselves then “join the table”, addressing several focal questions on “greening” management education during moderated roundtable discussions. Following the well-known World Café format, participants will visit three different roundtables to ensure a maximum degree of interaction between session participants and thus establish unique opportunities for networking. The addressed questions relate to the six PRME principles and include: What new materials and pedagogical approaches can be used to “green” management education, particularly using today’s advanced communications technologies? What new curriculum structures, types of assignments, and integrative approaches will provide the depth of knowledge necessary to develop “green” leaders? How do we ensure the development of global perspectives when discussing “green” issues in the classroom?

The PDW closes with a de-briefing session during which the different roundtables report back to the audience to foster mutual learning and also to clearly communicate the key take-aways. The co-organizers will attempt to synthesize what has been discussed and learned at the roundtables.

Format: The All-Academy PDW consists of brief opening presentations by the panelists and moderated roundtable discussions. Each participant will have the opportunity to visit three different roundtables hosted by a panelist and/or organizer. A moderated feedback session will wrap up the results.

Presenters & Facilitators: Rich Leimsider (Aspen Institute), Ron Nahser (Presidio School of Management, San Francisco), Liz Maw (Net Impact), James E. Post (Boston University), Carolyn Woo (University of Notre Dame)

Organizers: Juliane Iannarelli (AACSB), Andreas Rasche (Warwick Business School), Sandra Waddock (Boston College), Patricia H. Werhane (DePaul University Chicago, University of Virginia)

Details: Sunday, Aug 9 2009 11:30AM – 2:00PM at Hyatt Regency Chicago in Grand B

Prior registration is not required! This All-Academy PDW is open to everyone!