World Forum Lille: a global approach

What are the best practices in the field of finance?
19th, 20th & 21st November 2009

OBJECTIVE: All over the world, an increasing number of companies are showing that they can
improve their results while better respecting man and the environment.
The World Forum Lille has set its goals upon going through these “best practices” and getting them
to spread.


  • A concrete approach, based on business cases: the « best practices »
  • An international scale strengthened by the diverse perspective of actors and experts in CSR
    from all over the world
  • Opened to all types of businesses, from SMEs to biggest companies
  • A strong involvement of the youth, future stakeholders of the economy
  • All of this in a favourable environment – Lille and its area – land of social innovation at the heart
    of Europe.

    Social and Environmental Responsibility as a way to “look after society” encompasses many
    different themes. In order to look at each of the three CSR components (social, environmental and
    economic) and encourage meetings between experts and business leaders, three major events, the
    international meetings, have been planned:

  • in October 2007 on diversity and equal opportunity in the workplace;
  • in October 2008 on responsible commitment to feed and protect the Earth;
  • in November 2009 on sustainable finance
  • The World Forum Lille is organized by the Alliances network, along with public and private partners.
    “Alliances For Social and Environmental Responsibility” is a non-profit organisation pursuing the objective of “assisting organisations so they may improve their performance while better respecting people and preserving the environment”.
    More than 170 businesses have already joined Alliances, which was founded in 1993. Alliances is financed by public and private organisations.

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