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Regional Support Center Opens in Latin America with Strong Backing

(Bogota) – The Regional Center for the Support of the Global Compact in Latin America and the Caribbean was launched today at an event that drew participation from the private and public sectors throughout the Latin American region. 115 members of the regional business community and Government leaders attended the launch held at the Presidential Palace in Bogota. The launch was broadcast live to 11 Latin American countries. The launch was also attended by the ambassadors of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay and Spain.

In his inaugural speech, Colombian President Alvaro Uribe said that Colombia was honored and proud to have the Center hosted in Bogota. He emphasized that the Center was emblematic of how the entire region now acts in a more integrated manner.

In his remarks, Soren Petersen, Head of Local Networks in the Global Compact Office, thanked President Uribe for the generous support and recognized the founding members of the Center. He further highlighted the achievement of the Center’s Director, Diana Chávez, in the creation of this collaborative platform.

To ensure optimal support and true regional reach of the Center, comprehensive consultations with various stakeholders preceded the launch. Both the Center’s Board and the founders agreed to demonstrate achievements and future commitments at the upcoming Global Compact Leaders Summit in June 2010.

Soren Petersen

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