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Businesses Urge Governments to Create Effective Anti-Corruption Convention

(Doha) – Expressing broad business support for the establishment of an effective monitoring mechanism for the United Nations Convention against Corruption, the Global Compact today addressed the Convention’s Conference of State Parties held in Doha/Qatar.

Speaking to delegates, Olajobi Makinwa, Head of Anti-Corruption Initiatives in the Global Compact Office, emphasized the importance of the Global Compact as a voluntary framework for addressing Anti-Corruption in both the private and public sectors, and presented a CEO statement urging for the creation of an independent, inclusive, transparent and efficient review mechanism to the Convention. The unique statement, the first of its kind in the history of the United Nations, was signed by approximately 100 chief executives from around the world. A renewed call for signatories during the Conference proceedings was well-received and resulted in a dramatic increase of signatures to the statement, which is a joint initiative of the Global Compact, the International Chamber of Commerce, Transparency International, and the World Economic Forum Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI).

“Business increasingly understands the costs and risks of corruption,” Ms. Makinwa said in her statement. “A growing number of corporations are ready to act. A strong business commitment to fight corruption in all its forms will improve investment prospects, open further business opportunities and advance market stability.”

Further highlighting the critical importance of the fight against corruption to business, the Global Compact’s Anti-Corruption Working Group recently agreed on a new and comprehensive disclosure framework to help companies communicate publicly on the their anti-corruption policies and practices. Further details about this framework will be shared in the coming weeks.

Full Statement to Conference of State Parties

CEO Letter on UN Convention against Corruption

Olajobi Makinwa

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