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General Assembly Welcomes Business Engagement

(New York) – Today, the Second Committee of the United Nations General Assembly (Economic and Financial Committee) adopted a resolution articulating the views of UN Member States on the rapidly evolving relationship between the United Nations and the private sector.

The resolution, adopted under General Assembly agenda item 59 (Towards Global Partnerships), reaffirms the critical role of the private sector in supporting UN goals and stresses the importance of a value-based approach when engaging business.

The General Assembly also recognized the central function of the Global Compact Office in providing stewardship to this emerging relationship, renewing the initiative’s political license for the coming two year’s.

Member States further recognized the roles of the Principles for Responsible Investment and the Principles for Responsible Management Education. Both initiatives were established with the critical support of the Global Compact.

Stressing the importance of managing private-sector relationships in a coherent manner throughout the UN System, the General Assembly welcomed the revised Guidelines on Cooperation between the United Nations and the Business Sector, which were issued by the Secretary General on 20 November.

* View the General Assembly Resolution.
* Download the Secretary-General’s Report Towards Global Partnerships (A/64/337).


Kola Badejo
Senior Adviser
UN Global Compact

Matthias Stausberg
UN Global Compact