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Human Rights Day Marked with New Outreach and Guidance

(New York) – In recognition of Human Rights Day, the Global Compact has developed guidance and conducted outreach to assist businesses in respecting and supporting human rights within their operations and activities. The following initiatives are of particular note:

Webinar: An Introduction to Business and Human Rights – The Global Compact today launched the first of a series of webinars (web-facilitated teleconferences) that highlight various business and human rights tools and guidance materials. The webinar is the result of a collaboration between the Global Compact, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), the International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF), Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), the Institute for Human Rights and Business, the Danish Institute on Human Rights and the Global Business Initiative on Human Rights (GBI). The webinar series was developed to help companies navigate available human rights resources and to identify those that are most relevant to their operations.

Over 40 participants from around the world participated in the first webinar which presented an introduction to business and human rights, reviewed the expectations of Global Compact principles 1 and 2 and provided an overview of available resources to help implement those principles. Subsequent webinars will explore specific tools and guidance materials in more detail.

* Download today’s webinar (synchronize presentation to audio file): PowerPoint,Audio File (wav).
* Download an introductory document on available human rights and business resources developed by the Global Compact.

Embedding Human Rights in Business Practice III – Also today, the Global Compact unveiled the third volume of the Embedding Human Rights in Business Practice series. The publication is a collection of eight case studies highlighting companies from around the world, including ASN Bank (Denmark), Cadbury (United Kingdom), Engro Chemical (Pakistan), Ford Motor Company (United States). Each case study illustrates processes and procedures that these companies have adopted in their efforts to respect and support human rights. Aligned with the first two volumes (available here), Embedding Human Rights in Business Practice III reinforces that human rights can be a business opportunity and is not simply a risk that must be managed.

* Download Embedding Human Rights in Business Practice III. Hardcopies can be ordered by contacting Yiheng Feng at
* Learn more about Human Rights engagement opportunities available for Global Compact participants.

Lauren Gula
Human Rights Consultant

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