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Symposium: “The Future of Economics and Management”

Thought Leadership Symposium: “The Future of Economics and Management”. Hosted by the Catholic University of Milan, EABIS  organises an in-depth, cross-disciplinary symposium to debate “The Future of Economics and Management in a Post-Crisis World”.

  • How significant is the current crisis for economics?
  • Must we abandon the equilibrium-based paradigm of economics?
  • Should economics remain at the heart of the business curriculum given what many now regard as its unrealistic assumptions about human nature?
  • How should economics and management incorporate issues of global sustainability and global governance?
  • What does all this mean for strategy and management?

These are but some of the questions to be discusses at the Symposium, EABIS is convening on April 15-16. Including academics, practitioners and chief economists, our objective is to connect macro-economic perspectives with corporate governance, corporate strategy and management in a forward-looking, balanced, reflective debate.

Keynote speakers and contributors:
Robert Grant, Chair Strategic Management, Bocconi University;

Landis Gabel, Emeritus Professor of Economics and Management, INSEAD

Nigel Roome, Chair Corporate Responsibility, Solvay Business School, Academic Chair EABIS

Giovanni Marseguerra, Chair Economics, Catholic University Milan

Simona Beretta, Chair International Economic Policies and Institutions, Catholic University Milan

Gilbert Lenssen, President EABIS, Professor of Strategy and Governance, Leiden and ENPC Paris

Call for Contributions
We are calling for 1 page (500 words max.) contributions. Deadline is the 26 February 2010. Full papers are neither expected nor required. Papers can be submitted after the symposium as informed by the debates.

Download the full call.