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Sudan Workshop Looks at Business and Investment in Conflict-Affected Countries

(Khartoum) – The first joint UN Global Compact – Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) event was convened in Khartoum on 1-2 March 2010 in collaboration with the Global Compact Local Network Sudan. The event focused on responsible business and investment in conflict-affected countries and high-risk areas and brought together over 120 representatives of business, investors, civil society, academia, the UN and government. It also served to strengthen the UN Global Compact Local Network Sudan by generating a series of recommendations for how the Local Network can continue to provide a neutral platform for collaboration between all stakeholders to advance these issues.

The discussion aimed to identify responsible business practices in the context of Sudan with a view to building a common understanding among all stakeholders. Participants also provided input for a new guidance document that will assist companies in living-up to the Global Compact principles in difficult operating environments. The final guidance will provide a common reference point to facilitate more constructive engagement among companies and investors on these issues and will be introduced at this year’s Global Compact Leaders Summit, to be held on 24-25 June in New York.

The event was organized by the Global Compact Local Network Sudan, the Sudanese Businessmen and Employer’s Federation in collaboration with a number of Government Ministries and under the patronage of Sudanese Vice President Ali Osman Mohammed Taha.

“This event highlighted the value of Global Compact local networks and the important role the Sudan Local Network is able to play in bringing together such a diverse group of stakeholders to help build trust and understanding among different parts of society in Sudan on such critical issues,” said Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Vice-Chair of the Global Compact Board, who attended the meeting. “It also shows the importance of the collaboration between the Global Compact and PRI in advancing responsible business practices in conflict-affected and high-risk operating environments and how this collaboration can make a real contribution to development and stability.”

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