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Workshop on CSR Regulation and Global Governance

18-19 June 2010, Berlin

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been being institutionalised over the past years through various standards, norms and regimes. As the regulation of CSR is taking shape, scholars from various disciplines start to study this subject under different terms. At the same time the wider and older debate on global governance explores new modes of governance beyond government. Yet it is often criticised for being too void a concept and thus hard to pin down.
We think that CSR regulation offers an opportunity to analyse what actually constitutes global governance: the new roles of governments and companies, new modes of cooperation, private authority, management of global commons – these are just a few areas where CSR meets global governance and where the former actually helps to contextualise the latter.
The PhD workshop CSR-Regulation and Global Governance will address this relationship. It is organised and driven by PhD students from Germany and Canada.With input from international scholars and practitioners alike, the workshop will focus on specific topics such as:

  • the diffusion and effectiveness of Equator Principles
  • the emergence of private CSR regimes
  • the adoption and application of standards within a company (corporate governance)
  • the ISO 26000 standardisation process
  • the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)
  • the historical development of the current set of international standards (OECD, ILO, UN, EU)
  • and more

The workshop invites PhD students and scholars from all disciplines dealing either with CSR regulation or global governance. It is targeted especially at young researchers: it gives them the chance to present their work, give and receive critical feedback and do networking.

Workshop Details and the Workshop-Agendacan be downloaded here.