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Turkish Network Introduces Sectoral Approach to Global Compact Implementation

(Istanbul) – The Global Compact Network Turkey has developed an innovative sectoral approach for promoting the Global Compact, which is being implemented in three key industries in the country: pharmaceutical, automotive and textile. Today, a signing ceremony was held for 33 companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

Recognizing that companies within a sector often face common issues, Global Compact Network Turkey hopes to better support common approaches to sustainability within an industry. Additionally, it is anticipated that industry associations can facilitate the recruitment of member companies to commit to responsible practices, as covered by the Global Compact.

The Global Compact Office encourages other Local Networks to consider similar sectoral outreach and approaches.

* Download an article by Dr. Yılmaz Arguden, Representative Global Compact Network Turkey, regarding the rationale and process undertaken for the sectoral approach.

Yılmaz Argüden
Representative Global Compact Network Turkey

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