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Call for Contributions: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainability

Greenleaf Publishing invites contributions for an edited volume: “ENTREPRENEURSHIP, INNOVATION AND SUSTAINABILITY”, to be edited by Prof. Dr Marcus Wagner. Prof. Wagner is Chair in Entrepreneurship and Corporate Growth, University of Würzburg, Germany.

This is an invitation to submit full chapters for an edited volume addressing the intersections of entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability. Building on renewed interest, the book’s purpose is to present high-quality research illuminating the intersection of the three themes. The editor and publishers seek original research contributions that are informed by quantitative and qualitative research methods, as well as chapters that address conceptual aspects. Prospective chapters submitted for review can hence be theoretical or empirical in nature, but need to be methodologically sound and (if empirical) theoretically well grounded.

Relevant topics

  • Firm and sectoral aspects of sustainability innovation or sustainable entrepreneurship
  • Innovation and sustainable enterprise performance The role of entrepreneurship for sustainability
  • Integration of sustainability into innovation routines and innovation strategies
  • Analysis of capabilities required for sustainable innovation
  • Linkages of open innovation and user innovation to sustainability and entrepreneurship
  • Linkages of free revealing and user integration to sustainability innovation
  • The role of policy instruments and regulation in fostering sustainability innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability innovations in the automotive industry and in infrastructure sectors
  • Diffusion aspects of sustainability innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship Innovation and entrepreneurship for sustainable business models and product-service systems

Formal aspects

Deadline for submission: 31 November 2010

Submission guidelines are available here.