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Governments Renew Support for the Global Compact

(New York) – The UN Global Compact Office released today the report of the Ministerial Session held in conjunction with the Global Compact Leaders Summit 2010, held on 23-25 June in New York.

Ministers and other high-level government officials attending the Ministerial Session encouraged the UN Global Compact to continue its activities as an innovative public-private partnership to advance sustainability, corporate responsibility and United Nations goals.

Governments acknowledged the UN Global Compact as a means not only to motivate business to adopt a responsible approach to management, but also to engage business in finding constructive, inclusive and innovative solutions to global challenges.

In addition, governments invited businesses to join the UN Global Compact and commit to its ten universally accepted principles.

Statements at the Ministerial Session were delivered by Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Congo, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Egypt, European Commission (EU), France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Nigeria, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Peru, Russia, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

* All statements are now available in full on the UN Global Compact website.
* The Summary Report of the Ministerial Session contains: (1) a brief overview of statements, (2) a brief summary of written statements, (3) the agenda (4) the list of participants and (5) the Ministerial Statement: The Role of Governments in Promoting Corporate Responsibility and Private Sector Engagement in Development.

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