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CEO Water Mandate Convenes Conference in South Africa

(Cape Town) – The UN Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate this week convened its sixth working conference – an event that featured the global release of the initiative’s new Guide to Responsible Business Engagement with Water Policy.

The conference drew more than 100 experts and practitioners from business, civil society, Government, the UN, and other interests and was notable with respect to its focus on water challenges in the context of South Africa and the region.

“We thought it very important to take our conference and work to a specific region that is experiencing serious water stress and related issues”, said Gavin Power, Deputy Director the UN Global Compact and Head of the CEO Water Mandate. “Water is a decidedly local issue and to truly make progress it is crucial that all stakeholders collaborate and implement solutions at the catchment-watershed level”.

Convened in partnership with the Pacific Institute, which serves as the operational arm of the CEO Water Mandate, the conference featured the global release of the CEO Water Mandate’s Guide to Responsible Business Engagement with Water Policy. The Guide, developed for the CEO Water Mandate by the Pacific Institute and WWF, is the first-ever comprehensive resource designed to help companies understand how they can engage responsibly in public policy related to water.

The conference focused on three topical issues, aligned to the three declared workstreams of the CEO Water Mandate – i) water and public policy; ii) water disclosure; and iii) water and human rights.

Related to water and human rights, the CEO Water Mandate also issued at the conference a white paper titled, “The Human Right to Water: Emerging Corporate Practice and Stakeholder Expectations“.

A full report of the working conference will be issued in the coming weeks.

Gavin Power
UN Global Compact

Jason Morrison
Pacific Institute