CEO Water Mandate Launches Platform for Corporate Water Assessment on New Website

(New York) – Today, the CEO Water Mandate – an initiative of the UN Global Compact that seeks to advance more sustainable corporate water management – launched its new website The site features a new capacity building platform developed in collaboration with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) that describes the many functions of corporate water assessment, identifies useful assessment tools, and evaluates the degree to which those tools are fit for purpose.

The new website is designed to make a clear business case for corporate action on water and provides access to an array of resources relevant to companies seeking to better understand how they can improve their water performance and reduce water-related business risks. It also serves as a robust source of information to help companies and their stakeholders learn more about corporate water stewardship and the Mandate’s position within that emerging space.

“The CEO Water Mandate is a call-to-action for companies around the world to advance more sustainable water management of their operations and the watersheds in which they operate,”said Gavin Power, Deputy Director of the UN Global Compact. “The new website helps fulfill this vision. It provides a tremendous resource for companies to learn more about global water challenges, how those challenges affect their business, and what they can do to reduce risks and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world.”

The new Mandate-UNEP platform explains the different ways companies can use water assessment practices to better understand their water performance and related risks and impacts. It also describes and assesses the strengths and weaknesses of specific corporate water assessment tools, and serves as jump-off point for companies seeking to learn more about them. This platform draws from the 2010 Mandate-UNEP report Corporate Water Accounting: An Analysis of Methods and Tools for Measuring Water Use and Its Impacts and from engagement with corporate water assessment experts and tool developers.

“Water accounting tools are important to manage water efficiently. The online water accounting and management capacity building platform will serve as a portal to access a broad range of online resources, including plenty of training materials. This will ultimately help to enhance water efficiency practices and improve water quality in company operations throughout value chains and community relations around the world,”said Guido Sonnemann, Programme Officer, United Nations Environment Programme.

“This great new platform for corporate water assessment is just the first of what we hope to be many online tools housed on the Mandate website that help companies understand and address global water challenges,” said Jason Morrison, Program Director at the Pacific Institute and Technical Director of the CEO Water Mandate.

The Mandate will launch another one of these tools –the Water Action Hub– in mid-2012. The Hub will provide an online forum where companies can identify and partner with businesses, NGOs, public agencies, and others in their own watershed to encourage collaboration on shared water-related challenges. The Hub is currently under development by the Mandate in collaboration with Deloitte, International Business Leaders Forum, and GIZ.


Gavin Power
UN Global Compact

Peter Schulte
Pacific Institute